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YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener

There’s a long history of URL shortening services. I still remember the days when we had to host our websites on Geocities or Xoom. We all hated the long URLs, and so there came the redirect services by,, etc. After all, you wouldn’t argue that looks a lot more elegant than The need for shortened URLs was largely due to the fact that badly generated URLs could not satisfy the sense of arrogance of being a webmaster. As domain registration fee became cheaper and cheaper, a lot of people rather pay ten bucks a year to own [ ... ]

Enabling cross-domain (third-party) cookies

I recently created a page that contains a tabbed container. In each tab, there is a different iframe that hosts a map from a third-party domain. The iframes need to rely on cookie to communicate so that they can pass address information. The problem is that IE 6 does not seem to have cookies enabled for those iframes. And of course, this issue does not only apply to maps, but also online ads that rely on iframes. The cause to the issue turns out to be a security restriction in IE 6. This is one of the few places where IE 6 [ ... ]