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Popup blocker detection pattern

Have you ever wondered why popup blockers hate certain popup windows, but not others? The underneath formula is pretty simple: if a call is not on top of a click event in the call stack, popup blockers would block it unless it’s on the exception list. This can be verified using Firebug or Chrome Developer Tools. Call stack of triggered indirectly from a click event Call stack of triggered from an Ajax callback Therefore, the rule of thumb is that you should avoid calling from anything other than an user-initiated click event. What if it’s a [ ... ]

HTML 5 – Drag and Drop Download in Chrome

Drag and Drop (DnD) is one of the many great features of HTML 5, and it is supported in Firefox 3.5, Safari, Chrome and IE. Google recently rolled out a new feature that allows Google Chrome users to drag and drop files from the browser to the desktop. It is an extremely convenient feature, but it was not widely known until Ryan Seddon posted an article on the discoveries of his reverse engineering on this new feature. At, we are very excited about how these new capabilities are enabling us to improve our cloud content management solution, as [ ... ]