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Hello world!

This is my first post on this new site. It officially replaces the last edition of Davidalism.com, which was created back in 2006 during my senior year of college.

It’s also the first time ever that I use a theme/ template. I always thought designing (as in… creating comps, high-level wireframing, and coding) web sites from scratch is fun. However, as time goes by, I rather use an existing template that meets my taste so that I can spend more time on the actual content.  I spent too much time at work doing all these so I just want to have a place for myself to share stuff with my readers.

You probably know that this is built off of WordPress. I am very impressed with the functionalities that WordPress provides. It is so easy to update content here. This is key. For the past 12 years of my career, I often lacked the motivation to open up the HTML files, update the HTML code and upload via FTP. It is plain tedious. Now I can fully enjoy the easiness of using a CMS, and I hope I will never use inconvenience as an excuse to not update my site.

Welcome to this new edition of Davidalism.com. Here you can find my latest insight and research on web development, my random thoughts, and a few of photographs that I take here and there.


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