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Cenote Ik-kil Cenote Ik-kil Cenote Ik-kil
Caves of Balankanche There are hundreds of bats inside In the caves, a large selection of ancient pottery and idols may be seen still in the positions where they were left in pre-Columbian times.
A local disco with an alien face drawn on the wall Valladolid
barber in Valladolid shoe store street view
A shop at Coba, a large ruined city of the Pre-Columbian Maya civilization shop
shop our 45-minute tour guide, a native mayan who speaks mayan, english and spanish his reference book with mayan calendar
he explains: Coba was the heart of the Mayan world another ancient soccer field according to mayan myth, the face of one of the twins who supported the hell (underworld)
ancient soccer field a carved stellae...
that, if i remember correctly, shows the social class hierachy The Nohuch Mul pyramid is 136 meters (448 feet) high, and is the tallest Mayan structure in the Yucatan and the second highest in the whole Mayan world.
local library in some village some store
some college some import goods shop
Cancun beach of our hotel - Intercontinental Presidente "Chinatown" in Cancun
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Description: August 2008
Location: Yucatán, México