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Sea Turtle on the hotel beach at 1am Hilton! we arrived at 11pm and checked out at 7:30am. basically only slept there and didn't use any facility versus poor village outside Chichen Itza
China Express!? Chichen Itza
Mayan Masks Temple of Kukulkan Temple of Kukulkan & Templo de los Guerreros (Temple of the Warriors)
Mayan soccer field
the goal (the shadow is perpendicular to the ground in the month of September every year)
Can you see it?
Valladolid, a little historic town and an ex-colony of Spain.
Mexican bread store Mexican bread
Old ladies selling "zong"
Handcrafted and handcrafting masks a local home maketplace
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Description: August 2008
Location: Yucatán, México