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Little Chinese restaurant in Heber City (population ~ 10000) I drove 17 hours this day.

My mission of this trip is to locate the legendary Skinwalker Ranch. The exact location has never been published, but I've done enough research for the approximate location.

I highly recommend these materials:
http://www.rense.com/general74/two.htm Taking a break near the water
Duchesne (population ~1500) I love the feeling of being in a small town
Lunch at Kim's Cafe in Roosevelt.

I talked to the owner and a customer. They both know about the Ranch, but did not want to talk much about it.
Roosevelt (population ~ 4000) I confirmed the direction to Skinwalker Ranch with the owner of this restaurant in Fort Duchesne. She knows the exact location of the remote ranch, but refused to talk about it, too. A skinny horse near the ranch.
Arriving at the Ranch. As expected, it's owned by NIDSci and I could not get in.

I then talked to a native American (Indian) man living next to the ranch. He has been living here for about 42 years since he was born. He told me he basically grew up with UFOs, saucers and creatures like bigfoot. He sees saucers from time to time. These things have been around this area for 50 years, or maybe even centuries, and they have been recorded by their tribe through petroglyphs. According to him, for centuries, there are numerous human-alien encounters. He then instructed me to do some research and interviews with people in the town library. "Come back to me after visiting the library," he said. The old white librarian lady helped me find the book. She apparently knows about the ranch, but refused to talk much about it.

Well, I've known most of the things written in this book...
Rock arts that resemble humanoid.
In fact, I've seen most of these petroglyphs previously. This library is too small to have anything interesting.

More can be found online:
http://www.bibleufo.com/anapetro1.htm Time to go back... Before going back, I decided to take a secret route, hoping to find out something from the ridge.
I wasn't driving a 4x4, so it may be dangerous to take the unpaved path. I stopped and sent an email of my whereabouts using my iPhone. In case anything happens, I could be found... hopefully. What's happening here? Wait... what!?
How the hell this thing died here?

That looked like a warning sign... I gotta take a detour. Two other animals died down the cliff... Did they fight each other? Did something kill them?

This route seemed way too creepy... I MUST HEAD BACK. Back to the ranch, there was still nothing I could do at the gate.
I talked with this friendly family for more than an hour. They told me a lot about the Indian culture, aliens, abduction and stuff.

To thank their hospitality, I gave them some Japanese snack. In return, he gave me some elk meat from that elk that he hunted few weeks ago. Such a nice family. I was surprised they are actually very intelligent and could teach me a lot of things.

The main reason they talked with me so long is that they kind of hated white people, and so when they saw this oriental guy, they were happy and were willing to share a lot of information. Heads and horns
That's possibly the elk that I was eating... Bye bye! I will definitely come back to visit you! Time to move on... is this a pyramid?
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Location: Heber, Roosevelt, Fort Duchesne, Nine Mile Ranch