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Utah’s State Bird, the California Sea Gull.

History records that the seagulls appeared during a severe cricket infestation in the summer of 1848 in the Salt Lake Valley and they began to devour crickets that were devastating crops planted by the early Mormon settlers in the Salt Lake Valley.

For two weeks they would fly to the Great Salt Lake and disgorge their bounty and then return to the farms on the foothills to devour more of the insects. This miracle saved the local settlers and the next wagon train of settlers due to arrive in the fall from possible starvation. Guest's room of the Beehive House, Bright Young's house. Gorgeous Salt Lake Temple - the first Mormon temple in terms of the start date of construction
Every Mormon church says "Holiness to the Lord, the House of the Lord" Couples getting married at Temple Square
John the Baptist (yes!) baptizing Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery The world-famous Tabernacle Jesus at the North Visitors Center
Adam and Eve
I didn't read the description, but looks like they aren't in Eden 'coz they have clothes. Conference Center The 1.4 million square foot (130,000 m2) Conference Center seats 21,200 people in its main auditorium.
The Conference Center tour guide is a nice old man. When he was explaining the meaning of this sculpture, he asked me to step up and pretended to be my father putting his hand on my back - just like what God is doing to his son, Jesus, in this art work.
Little river decorating the parking lot. Such a nice city! My G6. One of the reasons I like Salt Lake City is Malone and Stockton. But hey, that was Delta Center... not this EnergySolutions Arena thing.
Chinese everywhere The shape of water resembling the shape of the Temple. Temple Square
Such a happy place Stockton and Malone!

There is also a John Stockton Drive:
On May 2, 2003, Stockton announced his retirement with a released statement instead of the customary news conference. The Jazz later held a retirement ceremony for him, in which Salt Lake City renamed the street in front of the Energy Solutions Arena (formerly known as the Delta Center), where the Jazz play, John Stockton Drive.
Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple in South Jordan. This is a new temple and the only temple that allows non-Mormon to visit for these two months. Every man/ boy dressed up and as the only Asian there, I wore my polo...

No photograph was allowed so I can't show how splendid it is inside. See this site for pictures -

The golden angel at the top of the temple was hit by lightning few days before my visit. Half of his body was blackened. See news -

Here I talked to a Mormon sister about the teaching of LDS. She explained some differences between Christianity and Mormon, such as the non-existence of hell in LDS. There are three heavens (three degrees of glory), and so sinned people or non-believers will go to the third heaven. I was dancing in joy because I won't go to hell :D The Bingham Canyon Mine is an open-pit mining operation extracting a large porphyry copper deposit southwest of Salt Lake City.  
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Location: Salt Lake City, South Jordan, Bingham Canyon Mine