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Path to Gomantong Caves
Labors carrying stuff Labor's Hub
Gomantong Caves Creepy caves... There are millions of cockroaches! I also saw a giant scorpion crawling near our path!
Bird nest Snake Little snail
Kinabatangan River boat trip Proboscis monkey/ long-nose monkey. Sorry it was rather dark to freeze the fast-moving monkey. Elephants!
Food stall at a bus stop in Santakan
Getting ready for Mt. Kinabalu! Hostel @ Mt. Kinabalu
Strange bugs are everywhere
Nasty bat cave piled with bat crap ewww
Probably the toughest physique challenge in my life. Day 1 - we walked for 5 hours to reach the mid-hill hostel
Interesting pitcher plant Day 2 - we started at 2:30am Sunrise
Photos 1 - 36 out of 40 | Back to Albums
Description: Gomantong Caves, Kinabatangan River, Poring Hot Spring Area, Mt. Kinabalu
Location: Sabah, Malaysia